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When faced with a problem, many small business owners tend to do one of two things: they will hire someone to handle the problem full-time, or they will attempt to resolve the issue themselves.

When it comes to computer support or other IT concerns, both are inadvisable solutions to a real problem. 

In Virginia - and especially Northern Virgina (NoVa), tech support specialists don't come cheap. Hiring a full-time or part-time technical support employee will essentially cost you more money than necessary as tech support guys generally wait around for something to break, and then they get to work. This means you are paying a salary, and possibly providing benefits, to someone who sits around all day waiting for work to do. This is a horrible use of business funding that could be better used, or saved, elsewhere.

The other option so popular with many small businesses, especially start-ups, is the idea that the owners can handle everything themselves. However, when it comes to computer support, attempting to resolve problems that are not within the realm of your expertise won't just cost you a great deal of time and stress that could be better utilized toward your actual business and customers, but could also cost you more money when you suddenly call a contractor to handle your emergency. You'll very likely pay too much for your computer support contractor when you didn't have the time to shop around.

The solution is to hire technical support consultants, freelancers or contractors, or local Virginia tech support companies that are on stand-by whenever you need them. They have the expertise to handle any tech support emergency that may arise, and technical support consultants and companies are only paid when they work for you, so you have no one sitting around getting paid to twiddle his thumbs or play solitaire on the computer. To streamline this even further, many tech support companies have the ability to remotely access your network to quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively resolve any tech support problems to help you and your employees get back to what's ultimately important, your business.


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